Over the last three years (2009-2012) Oil and Gas drilling permits issued by the US government fell by a significant margin.


        2006 - 2009: Drilling license permits : >900

        2009 - 2012: Drilling license permits : 374


        2006 - 2009: Drilling permits issued : 20,479

        2009 - 2012: Drilling permits issued : 12,821

sidenote:  2008-2012 the United States lost 500,000 manufacturing jobs to China.  China has since replaced the USA as the world's leading manufacturer of goods.  Between 2001 and 2010 the USA lost 1.9 million manufacturing jobs to China (total jobs lost including non-manufacturing : 2.8 million) | US corporate tax rate 2.3X greater than Canada's (35% vs 15%).  The disparity in rate between Canada and the USA will get even larger when the US fiscal cliff is reached.

more.  between 2006 and 2011 the United States lost the distinction of being the top trading partner to the most number of nations, China leapfrogged it.   2006: US 127 vs 70 China  2011: US 76 vs 124 China.

source: October 17, 2012 presidential debate

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in CANADA drilling permits are even MORE hard to come by since the introduction of BILL C-69 which takes the final decision AWAY from a tribunal and the National Energy Board of Canada.  The minister of environment and CLIMATE CHANGE has the final say.  the bill is said to be driving investors away from alberta because of a lack of CERTAINTY.