'THIS IS A REALLY REALLY BIG DEAL' - Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer orders shutdown of Enbridge Line 5 Pipeline by May 2021
the order was issued on November 13, 2020 and as of February 2021 the Canadian Consul General can’t even get anyone in Michigan to the table to negotiate.

Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline carries Canadian oil east, running through Wisconsin and Michigan, supplying about half of the oil needs of Ontario and Quebec. Yes, half. For decades, the pipeline has safely shipped oil that is refined in Sarnia into gasoline, diesel, home heating fuel, and aviation fuel. It is also the main source of propane used in Ontario and Quebec.

Whitner justified her action by saying “Enbridge has imposed on the people of Michigan an unacceptable risk of a catastrophic oil spill in the Great Lakes that could devastate our economy and way of life."

Line 5 also feeds into Line 9, which carries oil to refineries in Montreal and Lévis for Quebec’s supply needs. According to Minister of Natural Resources Seamus O’Regan, Line 5 delivers 66 per cent of the crude oil consumed in Quebec. But that does not seem to be enough to warrant the Liberal government taking action to protect jobs and everyday consumers.

The Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, has ordered the pipeline shutdown by this May. While this move violates the Transit Pipelines Treaty, which President Joe Biden supported as a Senator, the Trudeau Liberals have been silent on what is being done to keep the pipeline running."

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